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We are CrazyCap®

Clean drinking water shouldn't be a luxury. It's a basic necessity in everyday life that should be available to everyone.

Real science. Revolutionary technology. Radical design. Reliable craftsmanship.
CrazyCap is the result of years of research, testing and development in partnership with leading labs around the world. The result? Independent tests prove it makes any debris-free water 100% safe to drink.

CrazyCap uses advanced deep UV LED to sterilize water. At 278nm, it sits at the ideal point on the 260nm-280nm light spectrum that carries maximum disinfecting ability.

What does CrazyCap® do?

Bottle Your Water at Home

The current consumption rate of single-use plastic is 1 million bottles per minute. To help you ditch bottled water for good, CrazyCap® makes tap water bottle ready.

Explore With Confidence

CrazyCap® empowers you to take on the great outdoors and travel to any global destination. All water is drinkable, from a freshwater lake to contaminated tap water.

Sterilize Any Surface

Reusable bottle smells bad? Baby bottle needs to be sterilized? Want to disinfect your favorite gadgets? Shine your CrazyCap® on any surface to destroy disease-causing germs.

Clean Water for Everyone

We donate 5% of every sale to, helping over 22 million people access to clean water, sanitary living, and all the upward mobility that comes with such change.

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Official Distributor in the Philippines